Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Beginning

February has been the first month of an exciting opportunity for all of the new interns at Seeds. We have a great group this semester! While we all bring a unique perspective, one thing we share is our enthusiasm to be at the farm.

My enthusiasm lies in the opportunity to learn from Paul and Julia as I embark on my educational journey to promote simple & sustainable practices, locally. I feel the new beginning I am initiating in my own life, is a theme echoed throughout the farm.

The motif of new beginnings and life as a cycle is apparent at Seeds. The cycle of a crop, from soil preparation to harvest, is filled with new beginnings. From the compost that we add to the soil--which was a new beginning to someone's kitchen scraps, rescued from an unfulfilling life at the dump, to the beginning of a crop's life & opportunity to grow. The cycle continues as the edible is harvested and provided for us as nourishment. At Seeds, we restart the cycle of sustainment when weeds, damaged foliage and inedible portions are once again returned to the compost pile.

Life just does not appear or vanish. It is created from what you put into it.

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