Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A day in the life of an Aphid

Well what an interesting tale this is.
Once there was the aphids that lived on the brassica.
Some like Collards. Some like walking stick Kale.
While the aphid goes on her way sucking sap from the greens. She's asexual and lays identical daughter aphids. These little sisters can develop rapidly. But just when the Mama thought she was going to have all these children the parasitic wasp comes along. They insert there egg in the body of the little sisters and the larvae consumes it internally. Once they have been killed by the wasp they turn brown or black and bloated. The little sisters are now known as Aphid Mummies.
And the aphid just continues to go on reproducing. Aphids, it seems, find security among the corpses of their peers.
Oh and lets not forget about the Lady Beetle with there lady larvae being particularly voracious predators of aphids.

Yes the life of an aphid.
So the next time you are walking by an aphid colony take a few minutes to see what is happening.
The End

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