Monday, April 11, 2011

Working w/ our mother earth

Every morning that I spend at the Seeds at City Farm is a blessing. I'm surrounded by wonderful people, in a wonderful place with healthy and delicious food.. that I get to grow! As I learn more I get more excited about my plan of having my own self sustaining farm someday. I really aspire to have my life as intertwined with mother earth as it can be; taking only the little I need and giving it all back in a practical and respectful way. She provides us with all that is beautiful and pure. And Julia and Paul recognize that and build their practices on like-minded philosophies, which is an attractive factor of the Seeds at City Farm. As you'll see by the photos, the Farm attracts lots of people! Happy volunteers have become regulars now at the Farm. It's great to witness the awareness in everybody of society's dire need for local sources of food, health, and community.

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